Search any location in the world by name or by address. Search widget with autocomplete provides suggestions to help select the right place.


Add the searched place to the list of places to track and manage the place. List shows all the places explored, sorted by date.


Explore each place in the list by tapping, which would show many many nearby possibilities, and details about each possibility


Placewise is exclusively built using data available from Google Services. This app makes an attempt to merely organize and display the publicly available information, in a easy to use format. Some of the information provided may not be accurate, which may be due to the incorrect information registered with google.

Privacy Policy

Placewise may collect/track the usage of various aspects of the application in order to determine what features are being used the most. This data may be used to enhance the application appropriately. Information about user device hardware, manufacturer, type of device, geographic region of device being used,operating system name, its version and other such device specific information, may automatically collected by the application. This information may be used for the operation of the service, to maintain quality of service, and to provide general statistics(analytics) regarding use of the application.Placewise relies on third party product(google/firebase analytics) to gather such information. Information collected will be not be shared with any third party. The company reserves right to modify this privacy policy from time to time.we will update the privacy policy whenever the change is required.